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Personal Effects must not contain any dangerous goods as defined by IATA including, spray cans, nail polish or nail varnish, some cosmetics, lighters, matches, heat producing articles, mercury barometer or thermometer or perishable foods items.
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1cbm = 200kg
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International airlines automatically cover goods whilst in their possession for US$20.00 per kilogram, if your enquiry is for personal effects and you require additional coverage or sea freight coverage we suggest you Contact Hood Logistics directly on 02 95860804
Commercial enquires can be quoted directly through us, by law insurance is not allowed to be marked up, so our prices will be as competitive as you can get.
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The shipper certifies that the shipment does not contain Dangerous Goods as defined in the Dangerous Goods Regulations. If any part of the shipment contains Dangerous Goods such part is to be properly described by name and must be in the proper condition for carriage by air/ sea in accordance with the Dangerous Goods Regulations. Goods having explosive, corrosive, flammable, poisonous or other hazardous characteristics must be accompanied by a shipper's certificate for Dangerous Goods and any other relevant documentation.
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Terms and conditions

Only applicable if Air Freight export from Australia

Department of Transport and Regional Services
Additional security measures for International and national cargo.

As a direct result of increases security measures, the Department of Transport and Regional Services require all regular shippers to supply a signed statement to Atlas Forwarding by fax or email the statement back along with a photocopy of the valid form of identification (only needs to be done for first shipment):

As a representative of , I confirm that we are the owner or originator of cargo we present for carriage, and confirm that the cargo is prepared and handled in a manner which will not compromise its security standing.

As part of the obligation to the above statement the representative must provide a valid form of photographic identification. A valid form of identification is considered to be one of the following:

a) Australian Drivers Licence
b) Current passport
c) Government Department or Agency identification
d) Photographic Credit Card

Please complete the identification details, ensuring the person signing the statement or emailing the statement is the same person whose identification is sighted.

I agree
(such as Collection / Delivery address, Trade terms)

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